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Mr. Mclean received his Associates and Bachelors Degrees from Brigham Young University - Idaho in Computer Engineering, Business, and Communications.

Further, he received a Master's Degree in Leadership Studies from Texas State University and is currently set to receive his PhD-OL in Organizational Leadership from Northcentral University by mid 2023.

Mr. Mclean has helped found or co-found two corporations one in telecommunications and the other in Corporate Training and Entertainment.

Mr. Mclean has 7 granted patents in various technologies and is developing industry standard assessments and other technologies.


With 10 years in corporate America and additional 15 years of various development work opportunities, Mr. Mclean has amassed a wealth of experience.

Project Management and Project Coordinator experience has allowed Mr. Mclean the opportunity to visit with, assess,understand, and train government, public, and private organizations.

Athletic Director, Coach, and Athlete has affored Mr. Mclean an understanding of planning and governing Public Relations, values of stakeholders and community needs.

Supervisor and Management experience has empowered Mr. Mclean to put into practice his research on leadership, leadership styles, perception, and influence of leaders and subordinates.

Mr. Mclean taught and trained in corporate settings, both public and private, and within government settings. He utilizes his knowledge, expertise, and abilities to improve individuals, communities, and nations.


Mr. Mclean has worked on projects throughout the United States, in States such as: Idaho, Kansas, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

In mid-2008, Mr. Mclean visited Ghana in West Africa to participate in a service mission for two years. This mission encouraged Mr. Mclean to study leadership and serving the community.

PhlattLine's services has been requested to partner with the World Business Development Association, which leads Government and Community development among African Nations and other International Countries.

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