What We Do

Organizational Development

PhlattLine Leadership - Where we teach, train, and develop individuals and organizations in all things leadership.

Based on nearly a decades worth of Research and Study in Leadership Development, PhlattLine is capable and able to provide Core and Advanced leadership training focused on becoming an Adaptive Leader.

Did you know Organizational Outcomes WILL improve by 25% just from having the right training?

Let PhlattLine Leadership Development programs assist you in your organizational goals!

Digital Media Solutions (COMING SOON)

PhlattLine Studios - Media: Interested in making a Commercial or Promotional video for your Local, National, or Global Brand?

Have you ever considered making a Short film or Feature film? or some Digital Advertising?

PhlattLine Studios Media has solutions for "Mom and Pop shops" to "Industry Leaders".

PhlattLine Studios

PhlattLine Studios - YouTube: Where our Host has one-on-one or group sessions discussing the triumphs, successes, challenges, and overall life journey of an individual and their most important life lessons.

In the Studio, we are content creators. We enjoy a story so much, we are investing time and attention into creating Visual Case Studies, Short Films, and Feature Films. Come share your story!

PhlattLine Studios - Podcast: Long drives? Prefer to listen to just the story? Or maybe you just do not have all the time in the world and want to listen in pieces?

PhlattLines' Podcast are a great vehicle for listening to your favorite Leadership training, Personal story, Case study, or even Development segment on the go.

Ready to BECOME an ADAPTIVE Leader

PhlattLine Leadership

The Path of Influence

  • Learn what it takes to BECOME an ADAPTIVE Leader.

    Here are a few courses we offer to assist YOU, Your Organization, and Your Community:

    - Leadership - Leadership Styles - Ethics - Training and Developing Staff - Conflict Management and Negotiations - Emotional Intelligence - Understanding People - Understanding Culture - Understanding Organizations
  • Learn what it takes to BETTER YOURSELF!

    Executives who participate in Leadership Development, Increase in productivity by 88%! Try some of our SELF PATH courses:

    - Influence - Balance - Communication - Health and Wellness
  • Have you or someone you know been promoted to a supervisory position with little to no exeperience?

    28% of Individuals have improved their overall Leadership Behaviors while 20% of individuals have improved their overall performance. - Perception - Accountability

  • Leaders are the most INFLUENTIAL persons' within an Organization.

    Leaders carry the vision and drive the culture of any organization. 25% of Organizations have seen overall improvement when Leadership training and develpment are intentional.

    - Organizational Culture - Organizational Development - Administration